Is Quartz Good for Kitchen Island Design?

If you are looking for ways to design your kitchen, a countertop could be a great addition to your cooking space. While you may not find it challenging to decide on a bowl or sink to use, it can be an uphill task to find the right countertop to use.

quartz worktops

There are not many materials that can withstand the heavy usage combined with wear and tear that comes with kitchen activity. The best candidates in the market are granite and quartz. These countertops consist of natural material that is very hard. As such, they are extremely hard to break, burn, or chip. The advantage that quartz has over all other countertop materials is that it is the hardest stone on the face of the earth. None of the other materials even come close to offering the kind of durability that quartz does.

The range of colors available to possible quartz countertop owners is much larger than that available for marble and granite countertop designs. This is due to the enhanced manufacturing process, which results in a luxurious, brilliant finish of quartz countertops. Most quartz finishes and surfaces cannot be replicated in other popular solid surface materials.

Quartz countertops always lead to less time spent cleaning and more time cooking. The nature of quartz crystals means the surfaces are non-porous and do not admit fluids. After the installation of your quartz countertop, you never have to worry about it again. Spillages and staining are better handled in quartz countertops. These countertops never require sealing, compared to granite tops.

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