How to tackle Stubborn Stains or Spills?


We advise that any spilled tea, coffee, juice or wine is to be removed as quickly as possible. Some foods have strong acids and colouring properties, if left on the worktop, could leave stubborn marks. If needed, apply a non-abrasive household cleaner, (a non-abrasive cleaner will not dull the surface shine) and rinse to remove residue.

white quartz slab

To remove adhered material such as gum, nail polish or paint, first scrape and clean excess material with a plastic putty knife and then use warm water on a damp clean cloth to remove any marks or residual dirt.

For extra-stubborn stains, a non-scratch Scotch-Brite® pad or similar is recommended along with a non-abrasive cleaner. We do not recommend using strong chemicals or solvents, but if this is spilt on the slab wash off with clean warm water straight away.

Alternatively use CQ Stone Nano Cream, & Stone Cleaner, then wipe and gloss to bring the shine back. 

What We Do

As a quartz supplier, Xiamen YEYANG specializes in providing our network of wholesalers,  fabricators, and contractors with the best quality quartz products for stone projects. 

We fabricate a variety of quartz colors that are affordable, durable, and innovative. Our quartz is manufactured by using 93% silica sand combined with 7% of polyester resin, pigments and more, pressed and polished by world advanced machines, bringing high-performance surfaces that create a lifetime of beauty. Most of our workers are at least 5 years’ experience in their expertise. With their hard-working and high efficiency, we are able to fabricate 800 slabs per day.

For countertops, we use computer pre-programmed CNC machine and auto sink cut out machines for accurate and quicker fabrication. We care about every order no matter it is big or small. For different products, we have different packing methods, from wooden to plywood, crating to pallets, etc. 

The fabrication and templating process take place in our own factory, allowing us to meet the exact specifications of our customers. With our own R & D department, we are able to carry over 100+ modern quartz colors. The wide variety makes it possible for us to offer you more choices for your projects. We are committed to continuous quality improvement and company advancement, through professionalism and prompt delivery of superior material.

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