Is it time for you to replace your kitchen counter?


Want to replace your kitchen counter? Don't fret, this article will set your feet on the right path with three key considerations before approaching the process.

Is your quartz kitchen countertop due for a replacement?

Is it time for you to replace your kitchen counter?

While good-quality countertops generally have long life spans, there are some signs that may suggest that it is time to replace. First, as soon as you notice your countertops are showing a few cracks, unusual divots, or are showing erosion, you should be actively considering replacing them. You should also begin looking into replacing if it has any burn marks or stains which are persistent, because these will affect its aesthetics. 

For anyone looking to sell their home too, and maximize their sale price, it should be considered. Outdated countertops, or ones that are ridden with structural damage, should also be replaced. If you fit any of these categories, your kitchen countertops are really in need of replacing, and you will find this article to be an essential part of that process. 

Remember, your choice of countertops determines the aesthetics of your kitchen in many ways. And, moreover, the choices you make now will dictate the replacement, maintenance, and potential cost of repairs over the long haul. So, when it comes to countertops, it is essential that you consider each choice carefully. To simplify things, the quartz-based options should be high on your list of priorities. 

Some key considerations to help you optimize your replacement process.

Start with accurate measurement and estimations

Before even thinking of exploring the countertop options, you should do the due diligence of creating a sketch that gives an idea of your countertop placement. Mark off different sections of the countertops, including the continuous, island, and sink and be sure to measure independently.

This may sound somewhat complicated, which is why it is advisable to allow a professional to do that for you. If you think otherwise, then a few video guides should suffice. The process is quite easy, so you don't have to worry.

Is it time for you to replace your kitchen counter?

Explore the available options

One thing you should always keep in mind is that when it comes to the kitchen countertop, you are spoilt for choice. Quartz, marble, granite, etc – are great options for you. Every one of these materials appears elegant, graceful, and stylish, so you don't have to worry about which one adds beauty or value to your space.

In the long term, the cheapest option you’ll get is the Quartz countertop. With this, you can get that executive, aesthetic appearance and grace of other materials at relatively meager pricing.

Understand stone grades and quality

Countertops made from natural stones are available in various grades. Usually, we rate this from 1 to 5 considering the attributable defects. With the grade 5 stone, you can be sure of a flawless product with no signs or traces of defects. However, this comes at a higher cost than what you’ll typically get other grades for. Advisably, if you are not able to get the grade 5 due to your budget or other factors, opting in for the 3 should suffice.  

Professional quartz countertop manufacturer - YEYANG Quartz Stone

Quartz is already established as a superior countertop and slab material with an application that spans kitchen countertops, bathroom, vanity, etc. But choosing rightly can sometimes be an uphill task. So, if you ever find yourself in a decision-making dilemma, YEYANG Quartz Stone is your surest way out.

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