What to pay attention to when cleaning quartz countertop stains?


Quartz has characteristics such as vibrant colors, a richer patterned appearance, durability in construction, and easy care. 

Therefore, the kitchen countertops made from quartz stones are strongly recommended to consumers. Although quartz is a premium material, you just need easy wiping to clean after installing. In addition to understanding how and what tools are used for cleaning quartz countertops, you should find out what methods and tools are out of reach. It is recommended that you should wipe down the surface of your quartz countertops with soft cloths or sponges that contain a few gentle cleaners on a daily basis. Also, avoid using rough-and-ready cleaning tools and corrosion-based cleaners in order to avoid damaging the seal layer of quartz countertops surface. 

white quartz slab

The resin sealant layer that is placed on top of your quartz top plays a major role. It prevents everyday dust, mud, stains, and mildew from damaging your counter top. Warm water is more effective in dissolving all kinds of tough stains than cold water. 

Sometimes, just water and detergent cannot get rid of dried-out, tougher mud. When this happens, you may want to use a plastic scraper to get rid of the mud. Remember to soften the dirt first by sprinkling hot water on top. Then, very gently scrape the dirt and it will come off of the quartz top. To get rid of the hard-to-remove dirt, you may use only flexible plastic scrapers or soft sponges. 

If the dirt patch is big, you can saturate the paper in hot water, and then lay it over the dirt. Food particles and minerals from the hard water may slowly build up in appearance on quartz countertops, resulting in a thin layer. If you clean your countertops using soft washcloths like normal, this film will remain attached to your quartz countertops. 

On this occasion, your best option for wiping this film is with some white distilled vinegar. First, you need to put equal volumes of white vinegar and water in your can. 

Second, spray the countertop with just a little bit of water all over. Thirdly, scrub your countertops with a soft sponge. At this point, you will be able to see the countertops are instantly polished and cleaned, with no scratches. If white vinegar is not available, then you should substitute it with equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide. 

If your counter top surfaces are covered in annoying smudges from gum, ink, or glue, you can remove it using an oily cleaner. 

The two steps are the following. 

Spray some cleaning product onto your counter top, then let sit for two to three minutes. Use a wet wipe to remove the soils and any remaining cleaner. Also, regular rubbing alcohol may help to soften stubborn stains. 

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