What to pay attention to when repairing quartz countertops?


With more and more manufacturers producing quartz stones, as well as improvements in manufacturing techniques, slabs made from quartz are entering mass-market. Nowadays, quartz tops are used extensively in the kitchen. 

Due to high hardness of the quartz rock, it brings some difficulties to processing. Because processing quartz stone is different than the processing of other common artificial stones, particularly joints. The most common issue with a quartz countertop joint is the fact that two of the slabs are not aligned. 

white quartz slab

Therefore, the polishing is a preferred option for solving this issue. But, this solution may cause a loss of shine on the surface of your quartz panel. So, how do you fix quartz countertops which have lost their luster?. First, we will look at the major reasons quartz countertops are discolored post-processing. 

In terms of looks, quartz is remarkably similar to natural stones. In reality, quartz stone is an artificial material, yet is frequently confused with natural stone. Quartz stones are full of colors and they have beautiful surfaces. Furthermore, Quartz stones are an anti-bacterial, anti-wearing, heat-resistant, anti-seap, non-toxic, non-radioactive structure. 

Therefore, the quartz countertops are being recognized more and more among consumers for their contemporary house decor. However, there is no way that the quartz sheet can not be cut and polished to fit the particular applications. 

quartz countertops

After being polished, the surface of a quartz top is frosted white. As everybody knows, a polished quartz surface is similar to that of a mirror. 

This is because the Quartz Stone manufacturers grind quartz stones with a water mill, resulting in whitening. Watermill polishing is a result of grinding across 30+ rows of 2000-mesh water mill heads, at high pressure and speed. It is such a process other hand tools cannot perform. 

The appearance of a whitened phenomenon following the angle-grinder sanding is due to the fact that the quartz plate matrix is white. During the polishing process, the handheld tools not only will disturb the shine and colour of the slabs surface, they also expose the white matrix. This is also the reason the slabs colors are deeper in joints, and whitening is more noticeable. 

How to Repair Discolored Quartz Surfaces?. .But, those two ways cannot be long-term solutions, they can provide temporary relief. Once you have applied a method of restoration, it is possible to sustain its restoration over time, but color fade cannot yet be eliminated. 

white quartz slab

To essentially understand the whitening phenomenon in a quartz joint between two slabs, one must seek the help of professionals. In the installation process of your quartz countertops, try to avoid grinding and secondary polishing. When installing a quartz top, be extra careful about seams between two quartz slabs. 

Try to create a seamless look in your surfaces. More importantly, avoid exposing the glue when joining the two slabs of quartz, or else this may result in an unnecessary second polishing. The surface finish of quartz slabs is not processed specially, instead, they are smoothed with more than 30 rapid, high-pressure water-mills. Once the surface is polished with low-speed, it becomes dulled and discolored. Therefore, the two slabs of quartz should remain in a single horizontal line throughout the process and installation. 

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