Why is Quartz Stone Increasing in Popularity?


In the not so distant past, granite countertops are always appearing in the decoration of luxury homes. But in recent years, quartz stones are replacing granite to use as countertop materials. Quartz stone is an engineered stone, it contains 90-95% quartz, 5-10% polymer and polyester resin using as a binder. 

quartz slab

Because pigments are added in the production process, the quartz slabs can have unlimited styles of patterns and colors. The natural stone is not able to do that.

quartz slab

Another reason for you to choose quartz stone is its resistance to bacteria. Direct contact of raw food on the stone will not create a breeding ground for bacteria. This makes quartz stone popular for using it as kitchen countertops. The almost maintenance-free feature of quartz stone saves you a lot of trouble in cleaning. It is also stain-resistance and scratch resistance. 

In short, the distinguishing features of quartz stone are what make it so popular. Having a quartz countertop in your house will level up your decoration.

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