YEYANG™ Brand Quartz Countertop Factory Detailed Introduction


YEYANG™ Brand Quartz Countertop Factory Detailed Introduction

YEYANG is the competitive quartz slab manufacturer and wholesaler in China.

Q: Do you have your own quartz slabs pressing factory?

A: YEYANG has three modern factories, manufacturing quartz slabs and undertaking cut to size projects for residential and commercial projects.

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Q: Do you produce quartz colors that popular in the market?

A: YES! We can match the colors to your order requirements of other companies like Caesarstone, Silestone, LG, MSI and so on, we have the sample book from Caesarstone, Silestone at hand for your urgent match requirements.

In addition, we regularly research and develop new colors and styles of quartz stone, conduct market research, and mass-produce according to customer needs. We support sending free samples.

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Q: How long time you need for quartz samples matching?

A: Normally 15 days, some special complicated colors may need few days more.

Q: Some suppliers from others give us fewer prices than yours, why should we buy from you?

A: That is the fact! But the quality is different! We use the best raw materials and good machines, like the curing agent, what we use is the OT curing agent that is 6 times higher costing than normal ones, and we use pure 7% resin without any calcium powder. Avoid yellowing and deformation of quartz stone countertops after long-term use.


In the meantime, our pressing machine is 76 tons compared to their 40 tons and made under 90-celsius degrees but not the room temperature. Our quartz slabs are compact with a density of 2.35+ g/cm3. You will see our quartz characters via our SGS test report data.

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Factory Video as follow:

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